Let's get to know me ...

Leaving. This is sometimes necessary. Whether to find yourself, discover, learn or become aware of your world. Both generally and personally, our world is far from offering a clear path. This path can be winding, hilly, surprising.

After 10 years in business on 3 different continents and two pregnancies (it's amazing how pregnancies call everything into question!), the realization has arrived. I had to undertake an activity that both excites me and makes sense to others... Can you guess it?


Find your "Pépites"

I actually developed this famous activity from a very young age. I am convinced that the birth of a passion is closely linked to its experience. And me, since my adolescence, what I like above all is to find products, little known brands, which gain terribly from being known. In other words, finding the Nugget. The one that sets you apart and makes you feel unique, just like you.


Quality brands for babies, children and parents

Do you want to discover new products and unpublished products? For you, I have selected, with the greatest care, brands for babies, children and parents. Brands that have in common their love of beauty and ecology. Know-how and interpersonal skills, in the world of children, 80% of which arrive, for the first time, in Canada.

Originally from France, I have a particular fondness for French designers. And I'm sure you'll like it too. Between unexpected creations, bright colors and prints, making you discover these brands is particularly close to my heart.

In the same way, it is close to my heart to introduce (soon) Canadian brands, unpublished in France, to French people. A kind of mirror effect of a mutual, shared and committed passion.

Consume less and better...

These brands are committed, their quality products and their exciting approaches. These commitments have an impact on my business. Both through minimalist, compostable and recyclable packaging. But also via a purchase program for your nuggets to give them a second life.

The idea is to assume the life cycle of our products and close the loop. It's good for you and the planet.

Reveal your personality

Little nuggets is therefore a concept of selections of original and responsible brands. New items in Canada that reveal your personality and your creativity. Accessories, clothes, toys and decorations, it's everything for your tribe! To (s)offer yourself to make your universe something unique.


Welcome to Little Pépites,


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