Our best ideas for Mother's Day + a new brand in store!

In a few weeks, Mother's Day will be here in Canada. A great opportunity to spoil the mums in your life: the mother of your kids (we think of the dads/co-parents who would pass by here;), yours, a friend dear to your heart who has just given birth...or even just celebrating yourself (it's so important)!

In order to be ready for the morning of May 4, we have prepared a list of gifts that will please you every time: items from our shop, but also our favorites from local businesses that we really like!

As a bonus, we'll introduce you to a brand that we particularly like and which is making its debut at Little Pépites these days...

For gourmet mums

Logan Petit Batch: original and delicious spreads, for every moment of the day! (Also: La Lichée / Hello Simonne)

Etat de Choc : chocolates made with love in Montreal. A crush on chocolate cards, perfect for all occasions. (Also: Mr-Mrs Chocolat)

Le Cavalier Pétrone: As beautiful as they are good, these chocolate delights will undoubtedly delight a mom addicted to cocoa! Also to be discovered for gourmet pastries.

For flirtatious mothers

A Apaches or Bindi scarf to be found in the shop.

A chic tote bag from the brand +1 in the family, newly arrived at Little Pépites

For stressed moms

A spa package, with massage and facial treatment: relaxation guaranteed! Our favourites: Bota-Bota, Strom spa, and Balnéa.

A pass for a month of yoga: Vert Prana, or LouvGang are two great options in Montreal

For moms who have everything...

Dried flowers from Pampa Style

A pretty toiletry bag

A personalized illustration, created by Marie-Laure Plano, the illustrator known as Liligraffiti.

For Golden Moms

Jewellery, we love it! We love it even more when they remind us day by day of how super moms we are, bad-ass moms, in short, that we rock!

I am SO happy to finally be able to enter the store of the French brand Atelier Mustache.

Behind this funny name hides Julia, the designer, herself a mother of two kids , who makes her own jewelery in her workshop in Lille.

His creations are based on gold-plated brass, or gilded with fine gold at his Parisian partners; each jewel bears an inscription made using an artisanal technique with a hardened steel punch, which gives it a unique side. We love everything about this original and funky brand, which pays particular attention to piecework, the use of natural and locally sourced materials.

Rings stamped mom/mama/mum, but also heart bracelets, earrings, key rings...and many other prettinesses to be offered now on , exclusively in Canada!

In advance, happy day to all the moms: you are the best!!