The arrival of spring is undoubtedly quite an event! Even more so when you live in Quebec, where the winter is particularly harsh.

Thus, the melting of the snow, the return of the green of the trees, the awakening of nature, the temperatures which are mild again... are all small celebrations to be savored.
Like any parent, we appreciate above all to find the simplicity of light clothing Vs snowsuits!!

But above all, let our little ones discover all the beauty of spring through great activities to do as a family; we share with you today our 10 favorites!

  • Take a hike in nature: take the opportunity to run, collect treasures, pick flowers, marvel!
  • Organize a spring cleaning: make this necessary activity and let's face it, a little boring, an event that will appeal to young and old alike! We put on music, we sort as a family, we involve the little ones, we throw away, we give it to the next one... and why not organize a sidewalk sale with their treasures?
  • Initiate kids to yoga: outside, in the sun, in the early morning, here is the best way to awaken your minis to the benefits of yoga and meditation!
  • Organizing a camping party in the living room: it's fun for kids , and it's practical for them this summer! They will love sleeping in their sleeping bag and eating on the floor.
  • Gardening as a family. Whether you have a large vegetable garden or a simple balcony, it is possible to start seedlings! A great activity to connect with nature.
  • Picnic in his neighborhood park. It's always fun to prepare simple but tasty things to eat, delicious drinks, to find a nice place to settle down and eat with the family!
  • Go to the market to buy fresh fruits and vegetables to invent homemade smoothie recipes. Each kids can give their name to their creation.
  • Implement new seasonal traditions such as getting on your bike after dinner for ice cream! We can even classify the perfumes to make a classification at the end of the season.
  • Organizing summer holidays as a family around a pizza: everyone offers their ideas for outings, places, activities...and we vote! An idea that is both useful and fun.
  • Start a herbarium. During your walks in the city and in nature, during your holidays and weekends at the chalet...unique and original memories to keep for a lifetime.

And you, what are your favorite spring activities?