Becoming a parent means entering a new world full of unknowns and discoveries.

Everything has to be learned, you suddenly have to become familiar with new vocabulary and products you've never heard of before! This can sometimes seem unsettling.
Today, we're bringing you a little 101 lesson on one of the essentials of toddler sleep: the sleeping bag.

What is the sleeping bag?

The sleeping bag, also called sleeping bag or sleeping bag, is an integral part of the sleep ritual in Europe. Although it is less integrated on this side of the Atlantic, it has tended in recent years to gain a place of choice among parents, especially since it is fully in line with Health Canada's recommendations on the safe sleep for babies.

Reminder: the kids must be lying on its back, in a suitable bed, and without any object, stuffed animal, blanket in its crib.

The sleeping bag is therefore perfectly suited to keep baby warm without risk!
As a sleeveless sleeping bag in which you slip baby, it keeps your kids at the optimal temperature during the night.


Sleeping bags can be used all year round, thanks to their heat index called TOG. The higher the TOG, the warmer the sleeping bag!

The innovation: the magic sleeping bags "The little marbles"

We recently welcomed at Little Pépites the brand Les petite boules, an innovative French brand (revolutionary!) in the world of maternity.
Their absolutely brilliant idea was to create a universal sleeping bag which, thanks to its two removable layers, adapts to all temperatures and all seasons.
As a bonus, it can be stored in a pouch that is as cute as it is practical, for easy transport.

A saving of time, money and energy for young parents, which has totally won us over.

And of course, the brand is part of our eco-responsible approach, with manufacturing in Portugal from OEKO-TEX certified fabrics.

A wonderful gift to give yourself for the birth of your baby, or to put on your baby-shower list right away… Available exclusively in Canada on the store, in 4 different reversible models!